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About Me

Welcome to my website! My name is William and I’m an over the hill nomad with a passion for motors, long roads and vans. I have a background in mechanics and can fix almost anything, right now I’m driving my converted camper-van, the mega-van, all over South America. This will be some kind of a blog, where I want to share experience from my travels. It will contain everything from a discussion about traveling with little money to tackling the questions about romance on such travels. I will also write about my past experiences as well as present endeavors about which I will talk in length.

If you decided that you want to try out the nomad life the I can only encourage you to try traveling with a vehicle such as a van. You can only benefit from having a van to travel with, there are endless options that a van can provide to you. Since I have experience with vans, I suggest you buy an older van that doesn’t have so much electronic in it because if it breaks down on the open road and it is the latest generation model that needs a special mechanical shop to fix it, you are in big trouble. However, if you have an older van and you have just a little knowledge you will be able to fix almost anything on it.

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