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3 Things Nobody Told Me About Van-life

Published September 16, 2016 in Digital Nomad - 0 Comments
Are you ready

Pack Light

This is the best possible tip that I can give to anyone that is planning to go on a trip or start a nomad life. I must say that I went through this one time and I immediately realized how stupid it was to pack so many things with me. This happened on my first big trip to South Africa, it was a big mistake that I would never do once more.

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It is bad decision to pack up a lot of stuff into such small space as a van, especially if you use that van as a place to sleep. Van is providing you with just small space for sleeping and if you overpack it you will have to throw out some stuff in order to make room for yourself to sleep.

Use Gym Showers

When you are on a long trip, hygiene is extremely important and you must not forget about it. I’m not talking just about your hands and face, but your whole body. You need to find a place where you can take a shower. Most likely you won’t sleep in a motel where you have such option but what to do then you might ask. Well, I discovered this myself, whenever I visit a city I try to find the nearest local gym.


Most of the gyms don’t need monthly memberships and you can pay for only one day of entry which is a lot cheaper than a motel. Then you have the option of exercising and also you can use their showers to clean yourself.

Stock Up Whenever You Can

This might seem like an obvious thing to do, but I know from personal experience that it is not always like that. Having fresh food is really important, you don’t want to get sick on the road by eating expired food or food that just gone bad from the heat in the van or car.

Whenever you are visiting a town, city or you just happen to pass through one, make sure to find a store that sells fresh food.